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Treatments & Techniques

At Barnesville Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Wahl is committed to using a wide variety of techniques that have been proven to achieve maximal results for a wide variety of conditions. Each person that is evaluated will receive a specific treatment plan designed for their condition. Each plan involves a series of treatments spread out over a specific time period, based on the condition. Some conditions respond in as little as 3-4 treatments, while others may require treatments over several months. This is due to the wide variety of conditions, such as a simple sprain to a severe car accident. Any treatments that are performed in the office will be complimented with specific instructions in home therapies, such as heat, ice, stretching, and rehabilitation exercises.



Treatment plans at Barnesville Chiropractic Clinic are designed in a "team work" approach. Every patient has the ability to help themselves overcome most health problems. Dr. Wahl strongly advises all patients to become informed and empowered to take control of their health. Chiropractic care is designed to help maximize the healing power of the human body. When a patient takes an active role in their health, the desired goals are achieved at a much faster rate. Dr. Wahl will explain the "3 pillars of health". This includes: 1) spinal health, 2) exercise health, and 3) nutritional health. Almost all health problems are related to these three factors in one or multiple ways.



The following are a sample of chiropractic techniques and supplemental therapies that will assist the patient in their journey to achieving maximal results.


1. Chiropractic Adjustment:

This is the primary treatment option for most patients if their condition is determined to be related to a subluxation of a joint.


A subluxation of a joint occurs when a joint is either slightly out of proper alignment or is not moving properly.


The presence of a subluxation will be assessed on the initial evaluation. Most conditions that can benefit from chiropractic care are related to subluxation of a joint. A chiropractic adjustment is a light force applied to the specified joint. This technique helps to establish proper alignment and motion of the joint, thus restoring normal function of the joint, which results in reduction of symptoms. The chiropractic adjustment usually results in a "popping" noise that is a result of the joint moving into position. Most patients find the adjustment to be comfortable and resulting in a "feeling of relief".


Dr. Wahl uses several different techniques to perform the chiropractic adjustment. Some people respond better to techniques that do not result in the "popping" sensation. This may be due to arthritis, muscle spasm or in some cases a dislike of the "popping" sound. Dr. Wahl will discuss these options with each patient.


4. Interferential Therapy:

Interferential therapy is sometimes referred to as "electrical muscle stimulation". Interferential is used on patients who have increased pain levels or increased muscle spasm. There is an immediate feeling of the muscle relaxing and the pain reducing, which complements the adjustment of the area to achieve desired results.


6. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a very specific treatment that is used for a variety of health conditions. Acupuncture is the use of applying acupuncture needles to specific "points" in the body to help the body heal. The needles are very small and applied to skin after being sterilized with alcohol. Most patients find the use of acupuncture very relaxing and find no discomfort in the insertion of the needles. Even patients who have a fear of needles are pleasantly surprised at the comfortable feeling achieved when using acupuncture. The theory of acupuncture is much different than the traditional view of medicine. Acupuncture is viewed as a way of achieving "balance and harmony" within the body, therefore allowing the body to be healthy. Each acupuncture treatment plan is different, but usually involves multiple treatments over several weeks. Acupuncture is used as a complement to the chiropractic adjustment and is very effective in a multitude of conditions, but seems to be most effective in chronic problems such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic lower back pain, migraines and for people who want to achieve maximal wellness.


2. Flexion Distraction:

This is a technique that is used for patients who are suffering from conditions related to the intervertebral disc. Flexion distraction is a light stretching technique done on a specifically designed table to help relieve pressure on the disc and reduce symptoms. If a patient has a bulging or herniated disc, disc degeneration, a "slipped" disc or arthritis of the lower back, this technique has been shown to be a very effective form of treatment, even when other types of chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy has not helped the condition. This technique can help people who have been recommended for surgery of a disc problem, but would like to try more conservative treatment options before undergoing surgery.


3. Ultrasound Therapy:

Ultrasound therapy is considered a modality as it is used to complement the chiropractic adjustment. It involves a sound wave that is placed on the affected area to help a person heal faster. There are 3 main benefits for the use of ultrasound: 1) increased blood flow, 2) increase metabolism to achieve faster healing, 3) improve lymphatic drainage which helps the body heal faster. Ultrasound is felt on the affected area as a warm sensation as well as a feeling of relaxation. Ultrasound therapy is typically used in cases of swelling along the joint or muscle.


5. Soft Tissue Release:

This is a technique that is used on muscle, tendon and ligaments. Soft tissue release involves the use of the hand or a "tool" to gently massage the affected area in a very specific manner to achieve faster healing. A gel is placed on the skin and Dr. Wahl will use a "gliding" or "stripping" motion to release adhesions (tight spots) in the area. This is usually done to the patients tolerance to a "good hurt", and results in improved healing and relaxation. This technique has been shown to be effective when other types of treatment has given no results. Soft tissue release is used for chronic headaches related to tight muscles, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, chronic shoulder issues and any chronic muscle or tendon conditions.


7. Wellness Care:

Wellness care or maintenance care is a plan that some people choose to improve their overall health. This involves regularly scheduled appointments that are designed to achieve maximal wellness. Due to the fact that our bodies are subjected to ongoing stress and biomechanical irritation, our bodies are constantly trying to "heal" and "recover".

Most patients find that they benefit greatly from chiropractic care but have a recurring problem that will "flare up" every so often due to past injuries or daily stress. These patients find that if they have a treatment on a regularly scheduled basis, they no longer have the flare ups. Other people find that when they have regular treatments, they have more energy, sleep better and overall just feel better.

Dr. Wahl discusses this option with all patients, but leaves the decision to be made by the patient. Each person has to make the decision on how they want to deal with their health problems. Some choose to react to problems by getting chiropractic care for pain relief, and others choose to prevent problems by getting a regular adjustment and performing their prescribed stretches and exercises. Some patients will have wellness care on an every 2 week basis, and others can be seen every few months, this is based on their condition.