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SilverSneakers® and Silver&Fit®

Barnesville Fitness Center offers exercise classes specifically designed for seniors. The fitness center is a participating member of SilverSneakers® and Silver&Fit®. These are both specifically designed classes for seniors that are offered free of charge for eligible members. Most Medicare supplemental insurances offer free memberships for these programs. Barnesville Fitness Center staff can assist in verifying benefits through an individual's health insurance.

SilverSneakers® is the nation's leading exercise program designed exclusively for Medicare-eligible adults and for Group Retirees. SilverSneakers® offers physical activity, health education and social events, helping reduce health care costs driven by the physical and mental effects of aging and physician and hospital visits. SilverSneakers® members receive a basic fitness membership at participating locations around the country, with access to all amenities usually included in a basic membership, including classes.

Silver&Fit® is a fitness and healthy aging program designed to help you achieve better health through regular exercise. The Silver&Fit® programs include memberships at a local participating fitness facility.