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We offer the following services through our professional staff at our clinic.


Chiropractic Services

  • Adjustments(multiple techniques) – The most common chiropractic service performed. This includes the manipulation of joints and the spine through manual movements by the chiropractor.
  • Modalities – Chiropractic modalities are additional treatment options that are performed to help reduce pain, such as ultrasound therapy and electric muscle stimulation.
  • Flexion distraction – This technique makes use of a chiropractic table that with the assistance of the doctor moves your body to stretch and move the muscles and joints to improve pain.
  • Soft tissue release – A therapy that specifically addresses pain or tightness surrounding muscles, fascial layers and other soft tissue, using massage and friction to reduce discomfort.


DOT (Truck Driver) Physicals

  • We are a licensed medical examiner, able to perform DOT physical exams for truckers looking to qualify for their commercial motor vehicle (CMV) license.


Wellness Plans

  • Our wellness plans are designed to meet your health goals and recovery needs through regular adjustments and chiropractic services at affordable cash prices.


Exercise Facility

  • Our exercise facility helps us promote and integrate overall health for all of our patient. We can help you put together a work-out program that will assist your chiropractic health and reach your health goals.



  • We perform acupuncture therapy in order to provide relief for symptoms such as headaches, osteoarthritis, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and others.


Nutritional Evaluations & Supplements

  • We have realized the importance of all aspects of physical healthiness, which is why we also offer nutritional evaluations and recommendations. Our expert nutritionists will provide suggestions for improving your diet and overall health.