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Diet & Nutrition

Barnesville Chiropractic Clinic offers nutritional evaluations and nutritional supplements to help patients achieve maximal health and wellness. In today's society a majority of people have nutritional deficiencies that may lead to chronic health problems. This may be as simple as taking a multi-vitamin/calcium supplement or a complex nutritional protocol to help with chronic health issues. The supplements that Dr. Wahl recommends are pharmaceutical grade, which means that the supplements are of the highest standard and purity. Therefore, the results seen with these types of nutritional supplements are greater than most nutritional supplements.


Nutrition Evaluations & Assessments

Nutritional evaluations include a comprehensive nutritional appraisal questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to ask specific questions that help to find the most likely causes of health problems. Therefore, a specific plan of nutritional supplements can be recommended and follow-up questionnaires can be done to assess the improvements.


As a part of the nutritional assessment, Dr. Wahl will work with each patient regarding their daily diet. What a person eats or does not eat, is one of the most important aspects of a healthy life. A proper diet is part of the foundation for our health. Nutritional supplements will fill in the gaps of the areas that basic diet cannot address. When a person eats the proper foods, eliminates certain foods and includes a proper nutritional supplement plan, they can achieve maximal health.