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About Us

Vision and Qualifications


I, Dr. Sean Wahl, became a chiropractor so I could work with patients to help them achieve optimal health. I truly enjoy helping people learn how to treat their body to be happy, healthy and functional.


I have the experience and expertise to evaluate a wide variety of conditions and give patients multiple approaches to treatment, including postgraduate training in sports chiropractic. If a patient is looking for ways to change their health and is willing to be an active part of treatment, they will find their role in becoming healthy very rewarding. Our clinic tends to attract patients with more than just spinal issues. 


Education and Teamwork


As an office, we value the process of educating our patients so they can make informed decisions about their treatment. We consider the patient/doctor relationship to be a teamwork type relationship best suited to achieve great results.


Our office offers a cost affordable approach to healthcare. Our office takes a long term care approach to helping patients avoid serious health problems by addressing health issues before they become serious.


Our Staff